Code of Conduct


For all members of the swimming club

  • All swimmers should be on poolside prior to session starting, unless a genuine reason for being late is provided. If you are late report to your Lane Coach or Head Coach immediately on arrival for instructions.
  • Swimmers will train in a lane allocated by the Head Coach.
  • Swimmers should not leave the poolside without a coach’s permission.
  • If a swimmer needs to leave early, they should inform the coach before the start of the session.
  • Any person causing a disruption or interference to a training session will be given two verbal warnings. If this continues they will be asked to leave the pool area and issued with an immediate temporary suspension.
  • Swimmers, members and coaches are required to conduct themselves in an orderly and appropriate manner at all times, so as to promote the name of the club.
  • Any other poolside matter arising will be dealt with by the Head Coach.

Edlington A.S.C. Committee