Barnsley Minors League

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The Barnsley Minors Swimming League is run over a series of individual and team relay events. The length of swims is 25m & 50m. These galas are open to all swimming members but due to rules on the level of a swimmer, some may be ineligible.

Swimmers will be selected for these galas based on their personal best times.

The fastest swimmers per age group & event will be selected to swim the 50m individual events and the next 2 or 3 fastest will be selected to swim the relay races together with these fastest swimmers. However, if a swimmer is fastest in all the events for their age group, there is a maximum of 2 individual events for each swimmer (unless not enough swimmers for that age group).

This selection process applies to all age groups (10 & under, 12 & under, 14 & under, Open). In some of the age groups we don’t have that many swimmers so a smaller group could be selected. N.B. Some swimmers will be asked and are expected to swim in higher age groups for the benefit of the club.

To ensure all our swimmers get chances to swim in competitive events, we’ve lined up a number of galas that swimmers of all ages and abilities can compete in. These events range from regular sprint nights, inter club galas through to open (CAT 2) galas. We feel this approach should provide all of our swimmers with the option to compete, improve and achieve their full potential. Hopefully, this approach will build a competitive, but friendly atmosphere around club swimmers and this in turn will start to further improve swimmers focus on achieving their full potential. The coaching staff are committed to helping every swimmer to be the best they can be.

Feel free to contact any of the coaching staff if you have any questions.

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