How the Club is Run

How the Club is Run

The club is made up of members, parents of swimmers (and past swimmers) and other interested persons . The members elect a committee on an annual basis at an AGM (Annual General Meeting) the committee being made up of a Chair Person, Officers with specific responsibilities and Committee Members.

A Head Coach is appointed and he/she organises the skill development /coaching staff and the programmes to be followed. The Head Coach may appoint a deputy. The Head Coach reports to the committee on the progress of the skill development /coaching schemes.

The whole organisation is run on a voluntary basis. The club has been awarded Swim 21 accreditation which means that its teaching and general organisation meet the standards laid down by the ASA.

The club is broken down into the following sectors:

  1. Skill Development
    The skill development follows the ASA NPTS (National Plan for Teaching Swimming) from Level 5, with sessions put aside for Distance Badges.
  2. Coaching
    The coaching follows a programme laid down by the Head Coach
  3. Lifesaving
    The lifesaving is linked to the RLSS and teaches swimmers to achieve awards such as Survive & Save and to train for life saving competitions.